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b V ;be irL:!:! troci Miine : and I presume that no

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than the calibre of the bowel itself from its pre-operative

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explanations, and references are doubtless from the experience of St. George's

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a little powdered licorice root or ginger. Dose, 1 pill

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that he frequently fixed his eyes with horror and affright on

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through the envelope. Recovery took place without complica-

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systematic analysis of his work ; but shall extract from it such materials as suit

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28. The electricity has been administered four times, and with

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made to do service at such times. But for the more formal occasions

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she stopped crying and lay limply in his arms. The baby was

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It may be due to an embolus, by which a small branch

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Congress. Each society prescribes its rules for admis-

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who have recognized these lesions, as Greig-Smith and

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a complex development, into what is finally known as

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At signal / the contralateral peroneal nerve was excited, causing contraction of the flexors and in-

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the dense popliteal fascia which is the chief factor in determining the

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Fine oblique shoulders are most unsuited for draught,

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and one of the chief causes of this mortality is the high

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disability to fullil all the ordinary functions which may

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ship the fact and date of the resignation, and shall return the certificate

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