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assume when they give their children spirits to drink-!

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or excrementitious matter, which are especially liable to con-

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Third Step. — Open the sac; examine the contents. Once the hernial

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father's side. The joint was freely movable. There was neither

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thriving town surrounded by prosperous stock, farm-

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months the inner circular coat and the outer longi-

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voted himself to the cause in which we are all engaged, yet he is unac-

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wall by placement of two of the surgeon’s fingers in the

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supposed the action of the ergot would gradually force

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pregnant women ; and which, according to M. Gubler, is a layer of

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belongs to the infiuenza bacillus group for the following reasons:

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tion suggested because of expediency, and not necessity.

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the nerve pierces the diaphragm. A comparison of these two

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Case 9th. Mrs. McL , having been in perfect health during the

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be got back; and have to be kept from coming down by

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B^r~ In correH|iuiiding with Advertiser*, please be sure and mention tliis Journal.

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were not looked upon as strange. Since the cause of this

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and even Rotarians about their knowledge of and attitudes

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usual way. The great danger is when you let him up; if he strains, give

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and military efficiency being the qaulifications considered.

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ask ourselves to-day have been asked over and over again

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because I have a special feeling for his memory, since I began

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in which enlargements of the kidney are directed more towards

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do at the invasion of the waste places of medicine by the

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In pulmonary hypostasis and Jiypostatio oedema the physical

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Mr. x\., aged 70; has always been a steady drinker, indulg-

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and boasted of beins; able to teach the healino- art

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" Ziemssen's Cyclopedia " (vol. iv., p. 152), that " in-

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PRECAUTIONS: Intraocular pressure is increased therefore caution is required in administering to

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Wurtz M, Hassoun A, Vankemmel M, L’Hermine C, Dehaene JL:

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and success, or to perform any other similar act-. These are tin' ordinary prac-

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