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No matter how severe the pain from toothache, it is never safe to
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the same way as formerly ? But what should this asserted change
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the organ. Only 2 cases of carcinoma of the thymus have been recorded, and both
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For instance, Dr. Williams expresses astonishment that
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abdominal symptoms producing pain therein, but it is a disease
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This work consists of seven tables, the first devoted to the history of anatomy,
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for through-and-through drainage by withdrawing the forceps. The
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Superintendent, Central London Sick Asylum, etc. New York:
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and falls, usually backwards. Pupils act to light. Knee-jerks absent. Slow
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ed on one or both sides, generally only the less resisting
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be at once condemned, appraised at not less than two-thirds
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seem to be definitely settled. It is still sub judice, and it is just for this
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children grow up — particularly if malarial cachexia be combined with
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During the year the Academy has held 10 meetings, five of these
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to society generally. There s an innovative program in
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by its minute division, it acts upon a larger proportion of
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Localisation, 1890, p. 53. — 3. Hensohen. Pathologie des Gehims, 2. Theil, 1892. —
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that the normal ankle-joint line is inclined a little
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ical Department of Columbia University, Washington, D.C.,
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rectum, pressing firmly up against the posterior aspect of the
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and ignorance for great knowledge. Farcy is not a disease
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ing ; and, in consequence of the increased assimilation and
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systolic murmur, the result, no doubt, of an endocarditis
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air, spreads out in every direction, and thus impinges upon a greater ex-
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devices. The patient being seated on a chair with the
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subjects {mier alia, the colloids and the spectroscope), each of which has developed on more
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is progressive 1 50 physician multispecialty group known
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are 200 or 300 feet higher than mine have raised fine apples,
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and, further, there is removed a local disease which, sooner or
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lications, some eleven or twelve years ago, I gave some general rules in re-
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If we summarize the 18 reports from private practice in Table I, we have
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