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to introduce antisyphilitic treatment also and echinacea,
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.sometimes reaching 104° F. Gradually the glandular enlargement
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theless, the muscular power is still so considerable, that when the
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especially on the dewlap and fore-parts. On the 23d she dropped
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ference ; there were also minute bodies which were sporules
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written by one who is quite familiar with the subject. It is
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III- aililn Hsiil III tlif Kiliti>ri>l'llie Dotton Mediral ami Siiri/iral Joitmal,
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gingivitis. The characteristic organisms were present in both conditions.
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The patient was a school girl aged 13, who complained of
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tion in respect to those cases in which there are symptoms of
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of the vein, which along with its contents forms a solid coagulum
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we have shared alike the sub sultus tendinum of the junior year, and the
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50% alcohol, or methyl alcohol, and only sparingly in absolute
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esthesia in the distribution of the left ulnar nerve, par-
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impaction of the child's head in the pelvic excavation, a reten-
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Expectorants are agents which aid expectoration. Ammonium
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against the catheter, and the ureter will be sufficiently occluded
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Many of the saints show their beneficence in all kinds
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California— Mrs. J. F. Ast, Mrs. H. W. Rike, Mrs. C. B.
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the joints are affected, and their periosteum implicated — that there
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vocal cords; it is the vibration of these vocal cords that produces
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money and enjoy greater luxury and excitement. Downward she
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Sylvius was praeses when I defended them publickly in the schools. ... In September,
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Syndrome, which has pro\'en to be an inf initeh' more perplexing condition.
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suggest — it is only a suggestion, we would not venture beyond
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in the stools of healthy persons who are in daily intercourse with cholera patients.
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it is an advance upon the previous rate, -which was thirt}- cents an
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exercise any decided antiseptic effect in that portion of
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tives in general use for farm stock are aloes; salts (sulfate
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anorexia quickly becomes extreme for all sohd food, but the
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