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watched for symptoms of mania developing. Thus in one of Shepherd's

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seven in civil practice. Twelve cranial, and thirteen

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and much pain on micturition. He was sounded for stone with

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oxen and geese, the poorer folk sacrifice geese and

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ber 3d, and was completed on the 4th by instrumental interference.

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intestine. There is no opening out of it into the cavity of the intestine. At

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London, 1907, April) have taken up this subject, and recorded and

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was one that suggested juvenile dystrophy, but there was

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colour. The febrile symptoms, and, at the same time, the local

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or more cases of Cystitis, Urethretis or some allied trouble."

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tation of the current belief, but some still held out that Buret was mistaken.

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organized by Dr H. W. Boone at Shanghai, Dr Van Someren

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Once more the image of Socrates rises unbidden, and the

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meetings of the Association will then be held in the Hotel

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standard of morality preached from childhood up, may in the dim

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ment figure. Instances of simple touch are found in

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And here it is pf6per to remark, that great imposifioiU

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The urine is normal in the first stage of the disease ; but to-

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applied to the head, chest, abdomen, and thighs; those upon his trunk

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If a tendency to constipation persists, the remedies above

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2 years. A study in rats did not suggest a tumorigenic potential, and verapamil was not mutagenic

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of 1855-56 — the circumstances were all different. Some true

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for Edinburgh, and many of the early improvements dealing with drainage,

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will assist the diagnosis. It is, however, in those

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urea molecules with a carbon residue containing three carbon atoms.

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possibility of the patient^s surviving a certain length of

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although my colleague, Edlefsen, once found 0.359 per cent, of

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irritation of the retained faeces. In all the toxic

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In order to prevent it, the author advises a free use of the brush

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The man simply pushed past him and headed for the door. A

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one months after the operation ; 7 two years, 7 three years, 7 from four to six

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