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We are told by the physiologist that the human chest expands
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out iii^uring the bones. His general condition was good,
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vomited several times. She was seen by her pediatrician
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first noticed some swelling. Patient was treated in Cook County Hos-
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hips and thighs. The nurse had to resort to strong pressure below
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if it could be distributed as it ought to be, without
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ter. Secondly, take of crystallized carbonate of soda, two and a half
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portant it is to detect the preliminary symptoms of such conditions
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cells of that fluid ; these bodies constituting, when in excess, the
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If you examine an abnormally curved bone, you ascertain its
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aspirator we withdrew a liter of thin pus. December 13th pleurotomy
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uterus is enlarged and displaced by a movable cystic
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the usual diet before resuming ordinary occupations.
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tlje child had kept her bed. When I saw her, she was pale, her entire body was
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and the electrical reaction of degeneration is more complete, while on the
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means to kill people humanely. It strikes me that the way in which
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feared, but all respected, and many loved him. He was, indeed, the
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brilliant cures, liut admitting it to be a remedy of acknowledged value,
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systemic circuits, 6 as well as the pressure curves in the right ventricle, 7
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or disorganization' of the spinal cord at one point.
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3 Landsteiner, K., and Popper, E., Z. Immunitdtsforsch., Orig., 1909, ii, 377.
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where a combination of the two diseases does not exist. When
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through the Military Service Institution of the United
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pasture their orchards with sheep. Any one having the
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clothes laid upon the beljyy and the application of a clyster
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cian of the Mayo Clinic and emeritus professor of the
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restrict the medical device industry by rules, regulations, and
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a deficiency in the supply of nitrogen has its effect in stunted
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burrowed under the pelvic or even the parietal peritoneum." He
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sex depends on peculiarities in the ova or spermatozoa,
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not only the superficial branches which innervate the skin, but
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the peritoneal cavity there was found in every region an
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also of syphilitic origin which have lasted for several yeai's. The

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