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toxic and immunizing proteids, which, so far as known, can be produced

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and from one to three inches deep. A hand seed drill is

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the vagina immediately back of the neck, which is tightly

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obstructing stone in the outlet in a case reported by Dr. t^gflll

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and cornea ; this is quite a frequent symptom in hysterical patients.

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and under the skin, which came off without any blister

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In disease this proportion may be lost. If there be an obstruction to the

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ing and becomes gradually slower as the day advances

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conditions are to this extent necessary correlates ; and in so far as it asserts this,

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therapy. !Furthermore, in the same patient repeated remissions may

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from the focus, and the officer's eyes were subjected to this

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catheter, but this seems owing rather to the distention of

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the purpose of killing a dog. He began immediately the adminis-

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the best soothing and protective apphcations will be found to be a cream

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rubbed over the dry surface, and indeed, it contributes to the firmness and

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sible to test the validity of Ambard's laws of function in a number of

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history or exhibit any symptoms to account for its presence.

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are doing " the thing that is right," in regard to obtaining signatures.

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and arms with great muscular wasting, and the same in the back and neck muscles.

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in his place. Dr. Hersey went out, arriving there at

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Pipala, Joseph H. Clinical Instructor in Medicine. Assistant

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phur, 8 grains, mix; rub in 3 oz. of mercury until the

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through which it has passed. Naturally the qualities of

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wound is very frequently followed by impaired or total loss of

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ciple, whose equilibrium and harmony constitute the normal state, and

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