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bowels, keep the patient in an even temperature, and wait for the
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thus sums up his remarks on the relation between chorea and
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his trade as well as his art ; and concealing the art in
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replies made to the questions of the Board of Health of
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Medical Society. The Council appointed to carry out the Act
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been serous effusion under the arachnoid and into the ventricles ;
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President Eliot discusses at some length the record
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loss of weight; the very slight loss which occurred can be attributed
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relieving forces of Generals Outram and Havelock made their way
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means of a, the feces (dung); 6, the urine ; c, the sweat;
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In attempting to classily the organism in one of the new genera
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Dr. Reid alluded to the temptation which sometimes was met
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But if compression have been long and carefully applied without success, the
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observers, for some regard any segregation of a few organisms as a positive
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print of the hand will be left on the seat. It is obvious that with
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If we summarize the 18 reports from private practice in Table I, we have
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Practice^ by Prof Davis. Physiology^ by Prof Johnson.
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operator, the instruments, etc, must be surgically clean, and the
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pressed, the more defective the commissariat arrangements, the worse
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arrested abruptly. Finally, if a patient in this stage holds his two arms
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children to share his. bed. He died on the 29th of the
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located the hip at the age of ninety-one years and five months.
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* The weight of the healthy heart in persons from twenty to fifty-five
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pulsation was scarcely to lie seen, and she eat a good
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the presence of the fluid. However, local adhesions are
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become of intrinsic importance, like substantive emphysema, the
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fact that all artificial stimulants are followed by reaction
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illustrating the precautions taken a few hundred years
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given in cold water, to prevent its volatilization on its
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sary to administer antipyretics. After the acute stage has given
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September 16 to 18, 1902. The Dental Association will hold an
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The tissue in which the bacilli are found in the greatest profusion is

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