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little use to the physician. But in medicine, as in all physical
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•6157 Kobert, R. Lehrbuch der Intoxikationen. 2 vols.
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Professor Remsen for his kindness in offering me the
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Professor Dixon referred to the diversity of opinions ex-
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became higher than the inspiratory sound. I then listened
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velopment of individual cases, by the daily administra-
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causes the formation of cavities. Especially noteworthy is the
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example, diuretics, drugs acting in the gastrointestinal tract, etc.)
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l)ointment is of several months' standing, and he has just
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RochelJe j but it loft its virtues as foon as it was
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ers, there is no palpable tumor, and in 53 3-10 per cent, according to
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blood with the Oxygen absorbed in the respiratory process,
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It is observed that small petechial spots have appeared up-
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conditions. These land settlements would be model villages,
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that the child could get the final richer portion, and it would
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a seidlitz powder, or a dose of the solution of carbonate of mag-
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which muft be bruifed or even torn by the tooth ; fo
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a drop or two at a time, into various parts of the inflammatory
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apply the oil externally with the friction of the haud. Any whole-
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Post-mortem examination showed that both pleuraB were totally
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" Dr. Monnier, surgeon at the hospital of St. Joseph, Paris,
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Two very interesting papers 1 on the etiology of rabies have just
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October, and its semi-annual meeting in June in neigh-
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Let the healthy lower extremity be supported by the surgeon's
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been called the inhibitory centers, and have become a stum-
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seen in the cranial autonomic gangUa, nor in the plexuses of the
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whiskers, &c. This result is frequently combined with the exces-
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to all parts of the earth to preach the gospel of Listerism ; now
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Eustachian tube. The most rapid and effective method of ac-
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is disturbed, as shown by a tendency to nausea and diarrhoea ; the
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The other child recovered. What action was taken in this
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that I took some out of a case the other day that had
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coast, from the eastern part of Virginia to Florida and Texas and south to
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