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was commenced in the vicinity of the chief springs at Chadwell and
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■ Sitzungsberichte der Wiener Akadamie der Wissenschaflen ,
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siderably shrunken — was studded with nodules of small size, and
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stripped and the kidney was incised for a short distance. The patient
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the University of Aberdeen, said : True Physiologists are very
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blood during systole is stored up to be released during diastole by the
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practical and primary objects. The advancement of thera-
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zontal plates or scales. Verruca senilis is seen on the trunk or limbs of
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The consent of the patient is usually readily obtained when
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range that every child shall go to bed in an affectionate, loving, and glad spirit.
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patient preferences are not known or if patients are either
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synovial membranes, undergone the slightest change.
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of tuberculosis would live in Seine water. Some samples
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refinements in the classification and description of wounds, with especial
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two great classes of functions, which differ very much from each
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can ride, drive, or manage a horse moderately well, tell
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the legitimate result of the general administration of antitoxin and hospital
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ington, but the first train was intercepted by the rebels,
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effused matter is carefully removed with tepid water and a
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The proper treatment of the abdominal incision is also a
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objection to its habitual use that Dr. Rotch had urged
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Although the next case did not occur in the clinical ward, as it
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(No. 790); Laramie River, near lone Ranch, August 10, 185*5 (No.
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the following notes of three cases, treated in the Buffalo General Hos-
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flows into one end of a vessel shaped somewhat like a sputum cup (the
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Passive movements and massage are valuable introductions to more stren-
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