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Baginsky (Berl. Uin. Wchnsclir., 1904, Bd. xli., ISTovember 21-28) does

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Howard J. Laney, M.D. Howard J. Laney, M.D. Prescott, Wisconsin

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Mrs. W., aged 44 years, was a rather stout, pale, yet fairly

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Dissertations must be in the hands of the Dean of Medical Students, Uni-

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culture, in the pleuritic fluid. The author lastly discusses how the gono-

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condition in which the high pressure was present. The observa-

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fat than in the store condition. Both the water and salts

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about. His breathing on the nights of February 17th

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The best Catawba brandy will be produced if the juice with the

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There are certain elements or substances essential to

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ping ; the tongue tremulous and not under good con-

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in the war? First, expert knowledge and the services of relatively few

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later be the source of gangrene. Out of this grows the necessity of a

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Treatment. — Of Acute Indigestion. — These cases are always ur-

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a malignant mediastinal tumour, affecting mainly the right lun^,

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stand it in the light of Hebrew history, for not only did Abraham and Isaac,

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an account of a case of poisoning by camphor, in a man who had

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and the deep stitches came away on the fourteenth day.

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We report a second case of human dirofilariasis in a Cali-

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of water, a teaspoonful every hour. If one were not making

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must be considered a theory, for as yet parasites have

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their acute symptoms, there supervened an icteric condition of the surface,

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which thrives in this age, is seen in the fact stated by Mr. Hayes, that

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a diamond ring on his finger. A blundering swaggerer would wear out a

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in the neck and malignant disease. The latter, in the great

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few months back, he was looking quite fat, chubby, and cheerful.

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of many useful facts connected with its several stages. If

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