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Under these conditions the subcutaneous administration of volatile irritants

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giving credit to unskilful nurses, who are apt to admonish

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thod of Treatment, — Varieties, — Aphthofe Fever,

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to prevent their being thrown off by the animal when shaking or

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out the country, and tlieir inability to procure professional aid,

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to be closely packed together through the wasting of the inter-

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masters of decorative prose ; this Caroline epoch being marked by

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tion] the consequent matutinal headaches, and the depressing reaction

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p. 26,) and the tumor will of course no longer be felt after the sound

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Sporadic cases are reported by Sandwith in Egj'pt, and also occur in

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that, although threatened, we are not yet destroyed.

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character of the respirations ; in narcotic poisonings the respirations

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of Animal Industry at Washington, and who, as he states, has

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He died, however, ou the 8th day of June, of secondary or pyemic

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very satisfactory results. If there has been any weak

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is available. Control and limitation of potential disabiUty is a long-term goal

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Moral power he seems greatly to lack; he has lost self-control,

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of his statements, according to his own observation, and that of

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gplbO vaccine after infection have generally responded fa-

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was a very slight ecchymosis under the skin where the blow upon

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Has he grown mentally lazy? Is he a dead branch on the great splendid professional

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usually much more severe early in the attack of typhus fever; thus delirium

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grouping of cases on this basis. In his opinion eosinophils may occur

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this point. This last move is of vital importance if we are to be

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1896 The history of a transient nervous apparatus in certain Ichthy-

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be used in order to gain the legitimizing " M. D." with as little

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Diagno'i".. — In the earlier stage of the malady one may confound it

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released from the heavy chains of study, and with recovered

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