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machines, why not spend a little for a life-preserving plant?

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prophylactics which promises success. The first article we give

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of impure and unskillful preparations in a powdered form.

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able to further investigate the cause of her tinnitus.

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child eighteen months old, whose cervical glands had been

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to quackery, it should betray its own quackery by the com-

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and uttered his own hope that the memories which they

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of any removes it from the resting class and marks the beginning

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Hysteria. — Probably the most difficult problem in the diagnosis of

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sisted in its operation by castor oil and enemata; after which, calomel

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but the size of the hand, is applied to the epigastrium. The strength used

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seems so perfect, that were it not for the researches of organo-

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According to Dr. Still, the lymphatic glands that are most

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four, Brooklyn two, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and District of

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Phytolacca. My subsequent experience has proved the

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required. As a consequence the benefits of the hospitals have

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orifice will be found contracted and the patient rarely able to

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was discovered. The patient noted this in his twelfth year. The symptoms

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slaughter and a certificate of health has been delivered to the owner or person in

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clusion, derived from the most legitimate induction, is confirmed by

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These do not conform to anything in the healthy state,

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(e) House to house\ visitation, instruction to sufferers, and early

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found at the autopsy after the removal of both ganglia; pulmonar\^

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in different cases and in different species. Thus in cattle a rosette of

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nnder very different circumstances from the work in smaller stores.

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disease in Great Britain has undergone this change some twenty or

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selling goods, etc., his skill in making pills, oint-

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