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9; lto3; 7. M. D. (Univ. N. Y.) 1882. Mem. Camb. Soc.

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fect the pig. (6) The learned author is right when he says many

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used. The symptoms in the hand and arm already mentioned

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subject, and this is that the effect of tea varies much

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which is sometimes slight and sometimes excessive, and which

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MELIEB.— Relation de la FlevrolJaune sorvenne a Saint Naaaire en

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uric acid diathesis is well-known to the profession, the advantages of Hydrangea and Lithia combined in a

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malady, so that the farmer can prevent its occurrence, for the

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tery effusion. The pulse becomes weak, with a peculiar

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aortic ectasis overlapping on the left. In fact the data obtained

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that Mebaral is almost tasteless simplifies its administration to children.

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Made in Winter in the Lofoten District of Norway and

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of antral cases. The question of the relationship of cholesteatoma

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fully developed than that of some others, but he always felt that

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by using sulphonephenolphthalein are reproduced as nearly as possible

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pressed down from above. The custom of wearing heavy skirts

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Microscopic Observations on Cancer Cells — George N. Norri?, Ala.

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and the synthetic sugars were epimers. However, the fact that the

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ized into separate colleges of the University shortly after

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missile becomes what has been explained as a ' spent shot,' there

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of inhaler just described, as being a more exact method, and because

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Feeding of cakes each containing 0.0025 gms. thyroid commenced.

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Isele, J.D., now practicing in New Jersey, suggests an-

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Like the other two cases to be narrated presently, this patient had

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perature so as to cause as little irritation as possible.

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Dr. FRANCIS J. SHEPHERD, 152 Mansfield st., Montreal, Ontario.

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laryngeal diphtheria, and vice versa. A careful examination ought to prevent

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ultimately depend. The empire of education has already bent

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cultures made with the wet-wall method from pus would seem to teach

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very well with the aid of a crutch. From the improvement so far,

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He was appointed acting assistant surgeon, Aug. 24,

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The duration of vertical meningitis is usually much shorter than that

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occurrence than is usually thought ; taking the form of

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tube had lain, and at the junction of the horizontal and vertical

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Pertussis : ^" ^^^ International Clinics (Vol. Ill, Series 18),

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attainments in it ; but it was a rare accomplishment,

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