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grammes (63 grains) of extract of cinchona : and we likewise

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than the calibre of the bowel itself from its pre-operative

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11.30 A.M. — Slight convulsions lasting about a minute.

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It was ascertained later, however, that the child had died when 2

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should be considered in any patient with diffuse myalgias, muscle tenderness or weakness, and/or marked

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Laval University, Quebec; Professor D. Eraser Harris, Department

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LAO 60° projection. A— During diastole the left anterior de-

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of knowledge one of these crude minds will be likely to retain by the

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region of the heart first calms and then often puts an end to pains

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has suppHed all the conditions and appliances for such

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pleurisy and so forth in past life. The physical examination consisted

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B.A. 1976, Barnard College; M.D. 1980, Albert Einstein

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recognition. The rash was noted as exceptionally profuse in 164 patients.

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up between them, lasting during Dr. Cammann's life.

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Dr. Abraham Reeves Jackson^ president of the Assoc.

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attacks, all the more that they may recur for a period of years even. The

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It was observed in as high as 40 per cent, of Stinzing's 405 patients. 1 The

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often fails to grasp clearly the meaning and value of what he has been

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and hypochondriacal. They are intolerant of pain, egocentric and irascible.

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The patient was very much alarmed, several deaths hav-

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that their field of usefulness was more limited than is

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the purpose of anatomical investigation and the instruction of students

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reestablished, laxatives were seldom further necessary. The alvine dis-

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the arterial reflux. In 1837, Henderson made an attempt to deny

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the disease, was scanty, with a strong ammoniacal odor and copious deposits

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composed of delegations and are not mass meetings as those of the

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the lesion, paralysis, diminished reflexes, atrophy of niuscle, loss of

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employ, and the faucial surface was daily inspected

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tory for nurses is located on the hospital grounds. While the

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