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history good. Mother fell three days before confinement,

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the areolar tissue of the submaxillary space. It may affect horses

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Sammaritano, Lisa Rose. Instructor in Medicine. Assistant

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tissues which surround the joints ; but this swelling is principally

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as is presented in this little work is necessary or ad-

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intellectnal part of the brain. They do not affect the phe-

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of the opinions at present held regarding the origin of

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and is entirely without danger to the animal tested; in

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accidentally conceives, and then, after the birth of one child, relapses

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in our chemical nomenclature as dithionic, trithionic,

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instance, the subject of antenatal hygiene, upon which I have vnritten

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medial strabismus, and the presence of a fairly smooth,

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quality of the distillery milk on children, subsequent

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bius, from two Greek words, signifying deep life. This matter consists

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gular gyrus, and the inferior parietal lobule, with the

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considerable attention, and much information has within the last two years been

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sight began to become dim ; a year after that (three years after the

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lead to an increase in volume, and whicli must be considered in

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ture. With the exception ot the needles, it is of German Silver, a material cliosen as possessing,

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" 'I don't see why you need to ask mother such questions when

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whilst immature, in the blood. It is sometimes found in

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be administered. If these measures do not speedily give relief the only

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rectum in the male. Hy gentle pre -sure forward directly in

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Methyl Chloride as a Local Ancesthetic. — According to

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Thirty-first Annual Report of the Trustees of the Northamp-

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that way, he is convinced from the start that his malady is com-

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hours. Desacetyl diltiazem is also present in the plasma at levels of

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that on which we ought to rely, is unfortunately not infallible, and is

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* Coupland and Pasteur : Trans. Path. Soc. oj London, 1887,

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skin on the chest wall. The slightest trace of asymmetry in the

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in all degrees. It has been observed that in starving camps

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in the physical sjnnptoms cannot be ascribed only to the hemor-

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surgery and in the immediate postoperative period. Patients

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into the horse, gets a polyvalent serum which agglutinates in dilutions

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of hydrogen," given in half drachm doses, mixed in an ounce

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portion of the right cephalic lobe of the lung showed pneumonic spots. This part

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ance of hsematuria and a tumor of the kidney, etc., will find it

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profession to forfeit, by an oncandid 'our-.-, the esteem and confidence of the

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swelling jiosteriorly extended down to the nates, the

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