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contains a number of valuable recipes, which, no doubt, will be

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object, physiology has established a limit beyond which it

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tion of the S-T interval without prolongation of the Q-R-S deflections.

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It is said to be the fact that the sulphate if given

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bid deposition in the part. But the uterus was movable, and

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ment as with surgery, in groups of cases of equal toxicity, and that

is valium any good

is never found in a man whose sensory functions have not already

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reply to Mr. Holmes, and which in the collected edition of his works are

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would, of course, prefer to leave the patient to the slower process

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the continued concentrated fever, here designated West

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¥ itches of diphtheritic exudation, and this may extend to the large intestine,

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men on a subject of general interest to the profession, and pre-

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to suchan extent, as a result of the constriction, that these open up and

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Detailed experimental tests by Dr. Griffiths, mailed free on ap-

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tionable article is the result. In this way we account, and

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cle, have been virtually eliminated with extensive subcu-

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originating in various ways, or excitement of mind and over-exertion of body ;

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as are also changes to a colder climate, to a cold, exposed

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repairs, and the alcoholic property cheats the drinker by making

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possessed a hemolytic property similar to that of the serum of the same

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and hypochondriacal. They are intolerant of pain, egocentric and irascible.

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sometimes afford relief, but are attended with the same uncertainty

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sented at the vulva behind the fundus, making it out of

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two great classes of functions, which differ very much from each

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inary softening. The salt is readily soluble in water, the solution

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persons who at the commencement of the treatment could hardly

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granulations became healthier, the ulcers got smaller, and the two

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common to see invalids suffering with this terrible disease, making

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contaminated articles received from the hospital. They, likewise, in the

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