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congestion of the capillary network on the surface of the alveoli, an exudation

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ing to their everlasting condemnation. The ecole now enjoys

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slices, infuse into the jelly the rind of the pineapple (well

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each day, practiced from five to ten minutes each time.

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excellent social qualities and highly refined intellect. While a

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the child is formed in the womb; and the manner of its de-

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of Surgery in the Kew York Preparatory School of Medicine.

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Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, New York Hospital.

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bers of a large family have been afflicted, others, though exposed

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gastric ulcer follows the ingestion of food and there is apt

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stances of this nature are on the market for sweetening cider and

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that her husband, who was an engineer, was killed, and at once

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to meet the employers and the managers, and they told them if

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years previously. I never was enthusiastic about the idea

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time an ovarian hsematoma, otherwise out of reach, and

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in all the centuries that have flown our profession has

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tunity and scope. Between the evil and the good — between lust

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men, can form an intelligent idea as to the permanency

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Cooper, Benjamin Travers, John Morgan, John Collins

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assume when they give their children spirits to drink-!

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life of the two sets of animals being rendered as similar

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they are taken to any penal institution whatever. 1

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for the time, and afterwards leaves the bowels in a more torpid state.

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About the sixth day after admission it was noted that tHoogh

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though neither the ligamentous nor bony structures were involved.

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freely and leisurely manipulated, the peritonaeal cavity

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Mya) ; Streptococcus pyogenes with Bacillus proteus vulgaris. Bacillus

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patients between the ages of 18 and 70 in a university-based general internal medicine practice — faculty,

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months. The compounds of ozone with organic matters

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and with regard to the character and best mode of treatment of which, so much

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polished, the clearness is lost behind a multitude of words. Read-

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with the effluvia of disease, the temperature imperfectly regulated, the

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