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Asthenopia, without any error of refraction or muscu-
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the suprarenal glands and nervous system are mutually necessary
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the essential units both for maintenance and growth. As Mendel points
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investigated are two of much promise, Cocillana and Naregamia
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With reference to their natural period of life, weeds
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cases of preseryatlon of bodies thus injected, and dried.
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James's Place ; strangely heterogeneous in the guests, English and Foreign,
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will serve as an easy introduction to its four descendants — the
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posed should then be touched with a hot iron, or rubbed with
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leaves behird stiffness of the joints of the toes, and of the
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I then called to the medical gentleman who was attending me to come
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In favorable cases, the recovery is very rapid. The carbuncular
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Corn and potatoes did fairly well; yield medium and
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impossible for the surgeon to avoid. For instance, a thousaud opera-
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dissolved. It should be kept in wide-mouthed bottles, of
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First and foremost it is a contagious disease due to a
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general transcription factor E2F, thereby inhibiting its activ-
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sailors will go and to which they will return upon demobilization must
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pipe" is simply a jaded roue in search of new vices.
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latter are frequently obstinate, chiefly affecting children
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typical one of open tuberculosis. The lingual lesions were pe-
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therefor. To do this it is usually necessary to use
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nil. They usually consist of some cardiac palpitation, generalized
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tin-ning all the matter and substance thereof into nutriment
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has been established on Corregidor Island, command-
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observation, that changes in character and disposition are
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her hair, or pass into a state of hysterical mania,
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has of late absorbed that sterling and time honored name,

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