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I will not say all — are instances of arrest of growth, the result of rickets.

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he took a wine-glassful of w^iiskey in some water. The

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shoes turned up a little at the toe, with the ground surface

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oat-meal gruel, bread and cakes three times a day. Tre

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tinctlj stated not to have had peritonitis, and no mention of

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guiding principles, however, acute renal inflammation remains

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lary bronchitis. This history is painfully brief and interest-

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ver, which will forward the abforption of the flag-.

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and ringing. The average .systolic and diastolic pressures were 180

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ent on the casual bounty of individuals is too precarious a provision

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Allows reasonable attorney fees to successful defendants in the

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said to shape the policy of our Government. This same principle

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local treatment of diseases of women," it is remarked, " is only

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were very rare only a few years past, when a far greater portion of Baltimore

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had a specific Kra\'ity of 1036, and contained sugar.

valium diazepam same

might be attributed to imperfections in the parent stock. It is

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written expressly for the profession, inasmuch as nervous or dyspep-

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de G-yn.) of multiple hydatid cysts springing from the liver, in-

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pipes should enter the main at an angle of not more than forty-five

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naturally gravitate to the most dependent portions and set up disease

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extending far out and down in the posterior triangles.

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rity of the blood in the aortic system. The grand anterior auricle must have

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at Scutari ; but they were extremely ill-suited to the purpose.

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fi Laennec's tubercle, which will not soften or become caseous ; this form

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intermittence disappeared, but as they both declined with some asperity

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leader of his day and generation that our profession has known.

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are of great importance in working out the problem of the

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Dr. Rodger read the following notes of a remarkable case

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commoner than was the case. His leaning was to the congenital view ; that it

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rupia and tuburcular syphilide or lupus syphiliticus.

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0. WilUamSjl and experiments made by the former showed

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