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I will refer to but one other case, in which the treatment was commen-
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decimated by the most horrible epidemic of puerperal fever that
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resulted in a measurable degree of success. I have employed
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find nothing about its use in cases of gonorrhtiea, suppurating
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may stimulate the editor to a little wholesome exertion, and the pub*
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First and foremost is the contribution of Bailey and Jellifife^^ on tumors
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impossible that he would be able to get rid of the impai
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consolidation of all the textures concerned, through the changes
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many places, thus forming plaques almost as heavily scaled as patches
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ing the time that had elapsed, I hastened to the ward. The
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earlier diagnoses. The success of a therapy very often depends on
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sided six months later, when he died of hemorrhage from the
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blood-stained fluid. There is a ragged irregular opening from the Aorta
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iodine : only so much of the surface as is necessary is exposed, all the
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the bowel, and severe hemorrhage which is difficult to control may
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or so thereafter a return to the breast may be made.
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ferred. The web may be divided subsequently, and its edges trimmed and
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Mb. EMMERICH will keep on hand a constant and fhll suj^ly of
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gar. The lint is introduced into the wound for a few minutes, and then put
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is not to be abandoned and a return made to antisepsis,
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l>y Dr. P. C. Hartmann. Vienna, L 828, pp. 171, 8vo.
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ceased as soon as the portion of the placenta which was
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It is a much more simple task for most of us to classify properly a
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It may be given to children to reduce pyrexia in doses of 20 to
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why it is, but, after all, children are less apt to
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tegrated particles, I see no reason why their absorption should
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force will respect his orders accordingly. He will be responsible
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serum (up to c.c. looo). But the fact remains that such injec-
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disease. . The various trophic disturbances in the bones and skin also
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medial strabismus, and the presence of a fairly smooth,
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tinal clips and secures it by slipping their handles into the
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vironment. This is, after all, only a restatement in
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tion from the treasury of the United States, the work to
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to indicate the onset of an attack of dothienenteria. After a certain

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