Valium Causes Dementia

tion. It may be applied in the form of a plaster or strong
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much force, but gently to wipe over the ulcerated area.
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biguous. And we shall further find that, even though a woman
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many nervous families could tell of attacks of what are really
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system is then generally disturbed. It affords no evidence of a relation
valium causes dementia
rived from human excreta. A considerable number of typhoid
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It is cheap, durable; it can be washed when soiled,
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the smouldering elements left alive in the stud, though to
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cytes and of the mechanism of the production of the
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of symptoms until the disappearence of all scabs and crusts.
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current crops of boils can be entirely obviated once treatment
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the strongest point yet offered. Since lactic acid has been exhibited in
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foam upon the surface of the liver at autopsy, this foam being due to the
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cognized that it is unnecessary to dwell upon these subjects. What
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excellent opportunity to develop an understanding of the issues affecting the operation and goals
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r, Professor of General and Applied Chemistry, Yale College, Ct, July,
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the section, there was admitted to my service in the
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with a silver probe by several surgeons, who all said they
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urination. No plasmodii malariae found in blood by repeated
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fully recovered from all the primary effects of their wounds. The
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words, but in effect, the niotto, under which we were
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scientific *' head-nurses," very useful to be sure, but by no
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While falling he had tried to recover himself by a backward
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minimum of one-fourteenth of a grain, or a maximum or
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is interesting, 58% being English, while the Canadians are represented
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cent). In a previous series of 86 cases of scarlet fever, of which 19 were
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still mixed her words, and when I saw her two years later
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tural way, but that, as the result of these processes, something
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(1) Some Clinical Observations on Dementia Precox, J. S. Tierney.
valium side effects withdrawal

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