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plete incapacity. In some exceptional instances he believes " the
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originate an»mia, tuberculosis, and every form of diabetes that lowers health
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due to the muscular rigidity, and ultimately in death from complications
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The second case, to which my attention has been directed quite
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than some of those which have been designated. The article on angina is alto-
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appointed Passed Assistant Surgeon, November 21, i858.
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which the mechanism which ordinarily compensates for the tendency of
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let as not in itself harmful, thus coinciding in opinion
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one of the most important being one by Barlow in which there was
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owning, holding, occupying, or responsible for the use or care of any lot
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ness to the most excruciating agony. Generally, however, the
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and pay the same (or so much thereof as may be necessary)
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The seed potatoes not treated were also cut at the same
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and emotional excitement are by far the most prominent causes
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sists of two peninsulas. The southern one is embraced between lake Hu-
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a considerable distance from the patient. Sometimes it is present at
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Rheumatism is a tedious and painful complaint, which
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number of bacteria which under special conditions are capable of causing
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pain but the stomach is immediately sensible thereof, which
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Materia Medica, and his researches on Aconite are classical.
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240. Chlorate of Potassa in Bowel Complaints. Dr. Alfred S. GtOes .244
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** These veins of coal undoubtedly underlie the whole
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and antitoxic properties of the blood, but, as shown recently by Ramus,
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rics. During the past year 2,126 patients have been
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With the turn of the tide he moved further north till he reached
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was compelled himself to become a suppliant. But the god bore
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bers of the family have attacks of scarlet fever of more or less severity. If the
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was much exhausted and had a weak pulse of 140-150.
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2d. These vegetables have nothing characteristic, for
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cliial tubes containing a tliin, bigbly offensive pus. (b) Embolic pro-
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on an anaesthetic patch. Simpson, however, in Calcutta, described bacilli
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Definitions. Pharmaceutical operations. Official and non-official

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