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scensus Averni is a trite quotation from the heathen writer,
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to the capillary wall ; this being succeeded by the protrusion of a
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several layers of the absorbent cotton wool, the whole being
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of the power of secreting 2 into the blood; (3) increase in the erythrocytes
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tion with the Association. If the dues and assessments of the Fellow
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mary amputation at the coxo-femoral articulation within the
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the consideration of some acute thoracic mischief in
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—the so-called viridans — and those which do not affect the hemoglobin,
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Medical and Surgical Eejjorter, states that on the 12th November,
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with or without convulsions ; these states being at the same time
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tubercular nature of a double pleurisy from which he
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toma: A clinicopathologic review of 60 cases. Hum Pathol 1985; 16:580-589
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3. Weekly Urological Clinical Letter, 27:2, July 4, 1983.
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stitates a beautifhl and appropriate HOLIDAY GIFT to old
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of the disease that have been discussed as the joint symptoms were. I
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Club, 420 Summit Avenue, St. Paul. For reservations
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patients, between thirty and fifty, and in children between
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throat and stomach. It is a perfect tooth and mouth wash,
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ture), " due to the food upon which Southern cattle subsist, whereby
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when there are comparatively few parasites, it is difhcult to make an
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now speaking. The topic is too familiar to need illus-
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dirty fodder, mouldy corn, or a dirty manger, &c. &c.
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cases in which the knee-jerks were normal, the lesion was in one hemi-
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the summer, and 8 in the winter. A chief calls the roll and reports
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certain instances, contained a potent toxin of B. botulinus. It is
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64. On the Formation of Uric Acid Calculi. Dr. George Harley .
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above cases, or any thing left to attract attention, but the yellow discolour-
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plained of impulses to injure herself and others, yet
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curiously shows him as even then addicted to that ex-
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outbreak of visible sweat the so-called insensible perspiration was
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tional to consider that this woman succumbed solely from her
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especially melancholia — that comes between thirty-five and

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