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and in what cases blanket ? A year ago I employed cotton where, from

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The results of the authors' experiments lead them to

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Prof. Henry W. Longfellow, the genial gentleman and

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of time during which the patient manifested the disease before death is

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nations are a])pended. lie believes it probable that

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' Prof. Fr. Moder, Neuropathische Enstehungf der einfochen Hamnibr (Hydrarie

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to those of epilepsy. I cannot point out any certain

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Intra-Thoraoio Tumour. — M 62 (Luke 187, P.M. 234), malignant disease of

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lepsy and others. The sleep caused by sulphonal was

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relic of ancient physiological speculation which ever accepted

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geon, U. S. Marine-Hospital Service, for the physical examina-

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rates for septicemia— United States, 1979-1987. MMWR 1990; 39:31-34

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to what is commonly called seminal weakness or the disease techni-

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in the professional field, led to his holding the largest and most

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bers of a case he had reported to the Society some years ago.

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symptoms, and causes of feb. continua which characterises

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vice six years, one month, fifteen days. During this time

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electric gelatin brought to different pH by the acids mentioned in legend of Fig.

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ward the toe. They thus serve to give strength and durability to

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jects. Few people remember that the doctor is a very

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better acquainted with the working of the Medical Depart-

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ation, which was accepted. He gave as his reason for the step

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the latter. Five cubic centimetres of this solution are

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conspicuous in childhood, which lessens as the stability of full development

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tice. To-day it is rarely resorted to, except to save from an

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Taking the reports of thirty-three asylums, situated in

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place his initials in the space for signature on the bottom of each card.

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engaged in active exercise in the open air, and who

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cell suspension with the various sera, we obtained the results noted

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