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head of the Board, as required by law, was a layman,

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posed to the use of chloroform, which he regarded as a dangerous remedy.

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with a hang-nail or other abrasion may inoculate himself while

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tioners, but the symptoms are of a mild type, the animal is in good

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retroperitoneal connective tissue, and there give rise to wide-

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The following are the rules of treatment carried out by M. Vemeail. There

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beneficial. The incision was then brought together by sutures,

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pus and mucus exist in small quantities in the urine, it is difficult

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alent of the convulsion," etc. It may precede a convulsive

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London, was the dreadful intelligence of his death!

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of iodoform emulsion, followed by compression ; punct-

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non-suture of a perforation most lead to the formation of a gastric

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stipated. The urine was free from albumen and sugar; it was acid

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chancre or the initial lesion of syphilis, and marks the commencement of the

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As immediate amputation appeared to present the only chance of

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v. 15 (6), Juni, pp. 69-74, 1 pi., tigs. 1-7. [W*.]

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growing worse, until she had become a nuisance to herself

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show spur formation and more or less mottling. The metacarpophalangeal

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diastolic murmur ; most marked over the third and fourth left inter-

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the theory of spontaneous generation, and laid the foundations upon which

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require skilled interference. Ammonia, hypodermically introduced, pro-

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accompanied frequently by metastatic involvement of various tissues and

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of the reflexes is opposed to hysteria. A slight ankle clonus of short

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and let two women hold her tv/o shoulders, that she may strain,

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only assured when all possible sources of infection

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public some of the principal dangers to which mankind is liable

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wise experienced nocturnal pains in the eyes disturbing her rest,

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Fio. 14. — Traction-rod Lock, and Traction-bar Plate.

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