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substituted for Negri's virus that from a case of "spontaneous" cowpox

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post mortem from a patient who had received ethylhydrocuprein

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of the society. Medical men wishing to join are requested to send

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desirable end. Very few dressings are required. The wound to be

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occurs in myxedema and cretinism. There seems to be an

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preparation is the strong taste of the citric acid and

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with the lower strata of air. Then, too, vegetation which, during

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Drs. W. W. Welch, W. Wood, Lindsley, Bentley, Rogers, Humis-

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But I sacrifice it if I have to. If I'm working against deadlines,

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Ointment of Gall, (^Compound,') L. — Galls in fine pow-

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One such man gave an address a Uttle time ago on the story

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the dropping of names from the list of Fellows for non-payment of dues and

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of the brain are now all rapidly determined. If the tumor

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though it is not to be expected they can do so with the same

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longer content with their black bread but try to get

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first cases, absorption of the plombe is effected through the steadily

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attention, I note the following references. In doing this, I am merely helping

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witli, he now is willing to allow that the question of possible

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be added and fused, it forms soluble glass, which is used

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bers of the family have attacks of scarlet fever of more or less severity. If the

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sensational trotters when crossed on Thoroughbred mares,

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sometimes to double its normal size, with rounded contours and blunt edges.

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the image's middle portion. However, in such a case, we may observe globules near

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From the same cause the particles of lung tissue are more minute than those

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If such an operation should be thoueht justifiable, the

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regarded them with favor, and several urged their adoption in France. All

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distinguished physiologists as Brown-Sequard, Harley, Yulpian, and

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