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In favorable cases, the recovery is very rapid. The carbuncular

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not to have an operation done, at least for the present, and it is

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len, the eye dall, the pulse small, no trace of fever, the hands cool; the type was quotidian

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subsequent release of histamine is considered to be the

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2. The average heat production of five subjects was 40.3 calories

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ball, it is believed, which entered the right nates firom be*

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tally to the level of the fourth intercostal space 8 to 10 centimetres

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would be required, much larger than are at present at my disposal.

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Pennsylvania, the several courses there delivered will be reviewed by examina-

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dose. M. Ferrand thought that the difficulty of elimination should be

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tiiique, from which the eminent French physiologist Professor

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produce changes in the circulating fluids. Cullen's

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means to harden the nipples, sore nipples during nursing would not

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general significance because it is in the most intense cases of cholera that

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upon the sale of this poison. At present carbolic acid stands at the

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which was occupied by Germans, was invaded, and up to the

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year the sick report embraces 172 cases, of which 125 are intermitting

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which caused almost maximal contractions of the virgin guinea pig's

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into aphonia. Obviously the mutism is the more severe condition

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Usable, characterized by a fine rod colour which they communicafe

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vaccinated by this method, with amortahty of 4.1 percent.

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((>) When disturbance of peristaltic action occurs,

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like sickness at the stomach, and faintness— intol-

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that E. B.'s complaint was of a contagious nature, but

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general, and principally because of defects in the pharmaceutical preparation, the

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distinct neuralgic pains, the sensations are those which are best

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valuable work by sending circulars to the physicians

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swelling and inflammation of the margins of the os and increas-

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signs is rarely absent. On the day following the eruption in the

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cultural findings. In our charts only cultural readings have been

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J. M. Bowman. Dr. Bowman died October 23, 1918, during the epi-

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£fty di£Eerent times through the rectum by Dr. Thayer.

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15. Weismann : On the Formation of Hippurie Acid in Man, (Zeitach. f. rat Med., third

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doses of one grain every two, three, four, or six hours, according to the

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