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case and only the heads, little black objects, of the

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ment of trained men to positions in institutions at

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some rigidity of the neck, and great motor restlessness, with occasional

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hazard that is so great in the institutions that care for children

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band has about the same dimensions as that of the " Hood."

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more chronic cases and pick out suitable material for demonstration.

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Spirit of Cinnamon, L. — Oil of cinnamon, 2 drachms,

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Especially after Intralaryngeal Operations. By Dr. Felix Semon . . .5]

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too busy, or too illiterate, or that they are not yet

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thickening in the middle of the humerus, whilst the slight

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Section except by specific invitation to that meeting, by a Fellow,

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hibiting all malt liquors and fortified wines ; allowing, if stimu-

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from the direct action of the drug upon the heart ; the organ ceases to

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creased secretion the swelling of the mucous membrane

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of sti-ength ensued, and on the 10th of January, 1859, he

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tenaculum, draw the uterus well down and insert a sterilized gum

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all meetings of the Society; and shall, at the same time, mail to each member a

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* Journal of Comparative Pathology, vol. xvi., part iii., 1903.

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limits is a pretty frequent occurrence, and may exist without

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free from any mortified taint 5 and, more than once,

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often happens that they are productive of much mischief, and in all cases they are

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5915 Houssay, F. The industries of animals. (Contemp.

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Occasionally a metallic taste in the mouth and colic are complained of ;

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the articular joints, and as quickly working out again, leaving no lame-

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cruciating. Patient asked for anything that would relieve

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Again, changes of a septic character may take place, either

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the cultures recovered are the ones fed cannot positively be decided.

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lust. It requires sexual intoxication to drive people to such an extremity,

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in character, for as yet very little can be done in these synthetic

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in flies. Here, again, it is simplv a matter of discipline whether or

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perience the same retrogressive changes as those which

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details of the operation, and the after-treatment of the

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tember, 1895,) deals further with the effects of lactophenin. Cases have

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against the inference that they were the etlicient causes of pyiemia. lie re-

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with the symptoms, and prone to the changes, which characterise

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