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longed beyond the usual time of 285 days occurs in about 2*3 percent,

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ableness of the views entertained, and the course pursued by subscribers

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scure or unintelligible to those unacquainted with the doctrines

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39. SchOnbbin, Poggend. Annalen, Ixvi., 293; Marignac, AdsiI de

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of hemiplegia the paralysis persists, and becomes in time associated

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of Buildings, with Memoranda on the Cost of Plumbing Work.

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Sept. 26th. — The patient rested well through the night, and

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essay on a given subject, that body met during a re-

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of warm water by the syringe, or, as a last resort, adopt the agglutinative

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In the dog-clinic (dogs, cats, etc., mostly dogs) — 3,308.

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on account of the unfavorable conditions for absorption, an

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pended, but it is expected that the receipts from hospitals

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site is now covered by the larder of the Norfolk Hotel, erected in

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Baths," if persisted in, will not only reduce but will strengthen it till

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that fluctuation could scarcely be perceived- On cutting thro;..

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cardiogram showed no improvement in cardiac function

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of weight. It seems that in Berne myxoedema is a more frequent sequel

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examination was made, separating the lips of the cervix with

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bring this salidect before the Medical Sodety of the State of New York at Ha

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the author's practice, pure iindure ofiodifne^ applied at the commencement, has proved to be

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There are certain elements or substances essential to

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Because this is an annual address and is therefore protected

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4thly, The left renal vein is much exposed to the pressure of

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sympathetic. He is the author of the aphorism, "Take away

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In our notice of the sixth edition of Dr. Stelwagon's work

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R.A. (now Lieut. -Gen. Brackenbury, C.B.), and Major William Kemmis, R.A.,

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set the milk in about fifteen minutes. Put in a cool place till ready to be

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for School Hygiene, etc. Assistance might also be drawn from the mem-

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use of Davidson's syringe, one quart of lamb broth was first injected,

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upon the question. In the first place, leeching need

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in some cases of malignant endocarditis, and of nephritis with continuous

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