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stomach. Generally, the intestines seem to show involvement.
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stomach. From its anatomical position it was difficult to say whether it
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the gastric juice. The alcoholic habit strongly predisposes to plumbism.
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The absence of induration of the palpable, lymphatic glands led
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an excess of the alkali is added, the harm may be undone by adding
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grave or mortal disease ia the consequence. When, how-
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burning, this is almost impossible. The best we can do is so
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was then dragged out into the street by the two other
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and the wart will drop off, or it may be cut off. Blaine recom.
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from a grain of rice to that of a pea, also a considerable quantity of
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of female diseases it will be found a valuable addition to the practitioner's
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Weld after close and careful investigation, discovered their pres-
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pear. Every now and then, death seems to happen -rather sud-
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ous therapeutic agents as they are presented to their notice.
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ing room, and those wanted are arranged on a swing-table just
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digestive apparatus ofthe snake, a considerable por-
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tarry-looking feces. At times he is constipated, and at
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and the capsule over the caseous areas becomes thickened.
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the urine. Some of these conditions are, a full meal, severe exercise,
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But there are gentlemen eminent in the profession who embrace opin-
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and pancreas, and in the description of the complications. The condition
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the limb (these were the most favorable cases), while the
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We have seen how two precisely opposite results may be brought
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simply stating that the actual quantities used were one-half, one- fourth
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experiments, the author considers the peculiar electric state of the
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Allopathy, while other's remained faithful to the tenets of the
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2. That in cases where this is not possible, from the pain which the patient
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optics; more ordinarily it signifies one who manufac-
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of fuchsin or gentian violet, in the later stages it does this very imper-
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tion, says the virus lies in the Micrococci; these germs ma5' be found in
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m/1,024 CeCls, so that in regard to CeCla or LaCU the liquid is
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had spent several years in the Congo Free State, whose connection

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