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That success does not always follow the work of those hold-

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cial part contains several tables, a full-page colortd

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sub- peritoneal tumors. We have found them in the substance of the uterus,

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given are sufficient to admit of their reduction to modern food

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infrequently, at least in this country so far as we are informed, that the

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against a morbific cause, and whether there may not be some

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gery, March, 1902) says that violence of no great intensity when

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Company officers of volunteers, while in such Officers'

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Aside from the regulations already given for the prevention of

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pressed on the sides, and in their lower part oval : but where

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Sully, the pompous, dignified individual with golden locks, hails from

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lowing five classes: (1) idioneuroses ; (2) angioses 3

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at different periods. Though I admit that usually they are not,

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of today, (5) all adult school personnel to have a medi-

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He declares it prevents suppuration, and promotes cicatrization. {Brit.

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* The influence of malaria in depressing the vitality of the surface, is illus-

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demonstrated at the Frankfort congress of German veterinarians in

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should fit the foot, instead of trying to change the forma-

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with stems 6 inches or more in length. It has rust-colored, hairy twigs bearing

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istration of vitamin K, liver, iron, et cetera, exploration

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virtues of secret medicines. And as the voice' of the whole

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The Practice of Obstetrics Designed for the Use of Stu-

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A Case of Alcoholic Multiple Neuritis, with Sections,

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results of his experience on this subject in a paper read before the Col-

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lead me to believe that Koch's experiments have not been carried

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authors are collected,^ it will be seen that in both forms of leukemia

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agglutination tests show this organism to be more closely related to the

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aglobin producing substances, such as the nitrites, upon the symp-

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science. Professor of Clinical Pharmacology. Attending

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Have the patient placed in the sunniest and best ventilated room

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fer it, it should be in the hands of every medical practitioner,

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doubtful, and it is very probable that a great many

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It may be that sometime the opportunity will be afforded

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lost sight of and very little significance has ever been attached to it.

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