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or suggestions concerning the arrangement of this list may be

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to produce slight inflammation, with coagulation of the blood in

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destructive agents of certain spores is very extraordinary.

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one or both eyes. It is probable that in the optic nerves, and in other

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Lying-in hospitals, wards, or other places for the reception, care, and

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regular intervals, and between the feedings it should re-

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takes place, and the patient rapidly succumbs. In one case reported by M.

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thought she brought up half a teacupful. The cough has

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Chart F.— Wood (see Table II, No. 1). Inoculated T.V. Para. A isolated from faeces.

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tal explorations, but there was an empty rectum ; the pain con-

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In inflammation of the cceeum and appendix^ surgical inter-

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urseniic symptoms ensue. In such cases as these I have not

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repeated every few hours if required. Improve the general health,

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among us one of the charter members of this society, Geo. K.

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service terminated at Fort Robinson, Dec. 13, 1887.

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Acute Bronchitis : The clinical characteristics are essentially' the

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We have to deal here with a residual paralysis of the

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it was impossible to force them open, the attempt producing

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Moffit: Studies in Pernicious Anemia, Tr. Assn. Am. Phys., 1914.

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other animals, and even guinea-pigs.' Such milk is said to pro-

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thalmopathy or to predict which patients with Graves’ hy-

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mostly from the ulna, but by far the most troublesome feature

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table result Two leather splints were moulded and ban-

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bed Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center, immediately adjacent and connected by bridge

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thing in the stomach to be ejected, or not Rarely, the matters

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is well worth while and a distinct benefit to society.

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lines are obliterated. The face is large, and especially

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Out of these o2 cases. 24 were single tertian, about

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This and the two casses of chronic perforation already mentioned

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into the urine are Diuretic, is not always true. Thus the

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nation, there was found in 14 cases at the os uteri a body similar to the placenta,

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Nov. 2, 1870. She had a natural labour of three hours duration. On

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