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years by two different assistants, as " the only case
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Whether one looks at this general question a little
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succeed to, or run into one another. — The paroxysm may supervene under
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Treatment of Pertussis," in which he advocated, as a curative measure,
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purpose it is desirable that cases of such injurv be transferred, as
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its marvellous advance, — ^but rather emphasizes that
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show on what page any particular item may be found.
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necrosis of bone. In amputations the greater part of the blood of the lost ex-
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Professors Kobert and Gottlieb upon the necessity for a government
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half its cost to the public — $1.50 per year, $2.50 for two
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the civil war, by Cromwell's foldiers j and did not
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regarded as a symptom of very unfavourable import. 2. Wounds
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greater is the amount of the sinking in of the overlying soft
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that the streptococcus is the exciting cause, as he could demonstrate gram-
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cluding malaria, typhoid fever, hookworm, soil pollution and the
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somewhat slender foundation ; although Hlava and Houl state that in one
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fundus, and it was maintained continuously, either by myself or an
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of the sheath is sutured. "Where necessary, one need not hesitate,
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are derived from the superior cervical and the geniculate ganglia.
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S. B. Palmer, assistant su«geon, detached from the " Annap-
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slight convulsions, making thirty-three in all. The pilocarpine
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j clinical manifestations during a three-year followup. The
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one-half on the second day. Turpentine every alternate day, in
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attacked than the right, and the cause of this is as yet un-
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from burns of the same depth from other causes by a certain
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who have had unusual opportunities for practice, and who have realized bril-
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do no better than to use the words of Professor Hirsch.
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a sequel to debilitating disease, or disease treated by
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directly facilitated by studying the manner in which
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to be benefited by agricultural life, to Ville Everard or
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ence will act on the smaller vessels. A ring should be cut lightly
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of pure drugs and free from oil meal or shorts, the bulk

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