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ously the medullary canal down to firm and uninflamed bone,
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the abscess on the right side had terminated in resolution. In cases
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made of acute post-o[)erative lesions. Pulmonary in-
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scales of thermometer— Fahrenheit's, the Centigrade, and Reaumur's— advo-
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member who .[persists in degrading himself by such lan-
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form that the patient rests upon it without discomfort or
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good women, by the hundred, took up the care of the
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the patient's wound as required or convinced of the ability of
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than one occasion of the kind I have known the passing of a bougie
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Cambridge. Mrs. Dickinson survives, as also three sons and
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are far less familiar with it than ourselves, and no recorded experiments
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the proportion of 30 drops to four ounces of water. The
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urine, constipation, and their secondary consequences — have been de-
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n of Bigelovidy indiscriminately called White Sage,
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recovered. The others have either lost the function of the involved
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"(2) Human tuberculosis has not always the same viru-
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fifty dollars has been awarded by Harvard University
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about twelve treatments, and the tumor had decreased to
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reputed deviations and exceptions alluded to by Laennec are 'only of
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of Montrose was founded in 1779, the buildings completed in 1781, and the first
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liight Kidney adhering to the descending portion of the duodenum. Capsule
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time are of questionable utility. Atropia and morphia solutions and
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procession. A veneration was also paid to this saint in
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twenty-five, others twelve, and he would leave but one
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Connubial Sex-Relations a Refining, Uplifting Power — Excess Fatal to Love — Im-
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telangiectases on the skin of his face, ears and lips. A similar condition was
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globulin autoantibody response, 19 anti-tetanus toxoid
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prey of more warlike races. Through the free inter-
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16% of the patients. Mean proptosis measurements were
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The larger the breathing capacity, the better the assurance of
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visited his father's family, and he was soon taken down and had a long
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Had the two forces been exposed alike, a very different result

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