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women who tried but were unable to obtain care. Among
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occurs most often from subcutaneous abscesses or deeper
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It has long been a matter of remark that acute pneumonia rarely
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tients and, may I say, in making our o^vn reputation so much depends.
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I. Boy, thirteen years old, admitted to the service of Dr. Halsted, March
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the form of a large ovoid flattened bag. A blind man,
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have quickly followed, but there were enemies still
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value of the regimen prescribed by Prochownik, employed as a
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ohyle." And yet, if so, the drinking of a single glass of
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he did in the first case more than three iuches. Considerable
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putting on the soles, usually Avith cotton, and having
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sclerosis with this bounding apex beat, this throbbing pulsation in
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a greater mass of literature or formed the subject of more
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conspicuous among their fellows. As these statistics are the result of
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bottle, and the name " Syrup of Figs " as well as the name of the California Fig Syrup Company is printed on
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the glands in man are based upon the examination of over forty cases,
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toneum, in it are suspended the intestines; the inner
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observed these papilloma-like growths in cysts Avhich were diagnosed
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upon a rational mode of living, with a due regard to "air, climate, drink,
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tenMon is to give the partiovlam of auon only as wUI
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oretically, if at all, skilled in the art JSsculapian, I nevertheless know
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Under the use of expectorants his cough lessened in frequency, became looser
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metal attacked, beeomee negative, and the phitlnum remaining unaltered, assumes the poeltlTe condition.** 13ow, the
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Distilled water only neeeaeary for making the aolution.
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has not done something in treatment equally as foolish. It
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show, .011 per cent, of free acid was sufficient to stop
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ing, if discovered, and to be then ready to supply suit-
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allowed to become active. It is evident, therefore,
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67. RISC [Research Instability in Coronary Artery Disease] Group: Risk of
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on the months of April, May and June, the reverse is the case, and here as
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of cases should always be borne in mind. The mere routine ordering of
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and patients’ personal hygiene habits contributed to their
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267. Saratoga Potatoes— Ingredients— Potatoes, boiling lard and
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ibidem, July. — Gordon, Med.-Chir. Transact., Vol. XIIL, p. 1. — Glntraa, Essai
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rally by active stimulation, and, perhaps, eventually

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