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treat "their own diseases, that did not prove failures, and in a majority
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remedy among the patieots at St. Thomas's Hospital ; bnt, at his instance, it
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A glance at the column ' Organic Matter,' shows that of
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disappears. The contraction of the peripheral vessels together
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pressure in the foot arteries in the upright position may fall to
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amounts of epinephrin were in the blood there was at the same time a
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mark of income, it is stated to have reached £11,000,
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This is the problem which we are facing. With a high
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nerves of the chest were affected three times, and in every instance
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dedication to the prevention of a further spread of nuclear
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and the extension or not of the inflammation to the bronchial
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development of an intlammatory process which may result in
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reducing agent, and for this reason may be confused with sugar in
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recognised pathological teacher, ought to be -regarded as quite as
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man who had been treated in Dr. M'Call Anderson's wards for
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say, however, that such a state of aft'airs should never be
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tions of either ethyl chloride or chloroform, the dangers may be
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the mammse. True, a purely subcutaneous or submammary abscess
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Clinic when Mary Russin. Judith Slattery. Pat Saigo and Joan Holohan are
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iranes, such as spinal meninges, pleurse, bursae, tendon sheaths, in chronic
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point of the needle is the eye for receiving the thread.
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JOSEPH PERKINS, MJ)., Castleton, Prof, of Obstetrics and Diseases of
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much mischief it is gradually producing. The article in ques-
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abdomen, in fact, was less during the time that the patient was taking
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what in different individuals, the annoying symptoms just
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B. typhoid, and all other bacteria exposed for twenty-four hours to a
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between the cyst and the abdominal parietes, both for the purpose of
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Ozone oxidizes both mercury and silver when moisture
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injected and retained for a quarter of an hour. As was expected
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terials besides the pulmonary expectorations taken from the human
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Story O'er and O'er — "Congeniality" Desirable, but Not All — Courtship a Uni-
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later, by digital examination, I was able to detect an abscess of the
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ditions approximated as closely as possible to those described in
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During this course candidates receive an allowance of 14s. per
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anything partaking of sham or insincerity. He always
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hospitals in the Italian war of 1859 the mortality among them
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speechless, with ulcerated mouth and throat, together with many large ul-

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