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food. Cooks have informed me that this is required by the absence
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away,” “She expired quickly,” or “Aunt Shirley just gave up
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fined as disabling was increased in the aspirin-taking
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this tendency must be more or less apparent to every
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10. The ophthalmo-meningeal vein has never before been described. On raising
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this represents the minimum knowledge of the subject which a
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tissue-paper skin," and he had suggested that ' this atrophy was not
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At last No. 1 Control Post at the front line rang up to say he
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his knowledge of the difficulties of the student, but a pointed suggestion to
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alimentary canal" more than neutrahzing the alkaline
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siderably to their own medical knowledge and to the interest of
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Joint Commission on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports
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REMINGTON. Ph.M.. F.C.S.. Professor of Theory and Practice of Pharmacy in the
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neutralising power should be ascertained against similar streptococcic
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when the patient first goes to bed, although it may occur
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It is well to warn the patient's friends, as soon as the nature of the
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skin, and the mucous membrane of the air passages, do they
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Margulis, Stephen Jay. Clinical Assistant Professor of
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not by Gram's method. Rabbits inoculated beneath the dura died in two
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eral nervous manifestations by compression of the carotid arteries
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use of mild astringent washes, these really true local ulcers usually become
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problem of the growth arid form of the various species of plants and
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rapidly by erosion of the edges, and by the formation of fresh
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standing in East Tennessee, asking their co-operation in carry-
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now and then increased in quantity, but it is always first red, then
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The bacterial products which produce immunity are generally believed to
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tingling, dyssesthesia of a part, or of both hands, or of a side. It goes
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change as estimated by this test, shows an increase of from 50 to 80
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N. Y., v. 23 (5), Aug., p. 363. [W a , W m , W c .]
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almost certainly become opaque and soon hide the fundus from
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way the bolus of food goes under the palate veil into the pharynx."
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cases collected by the writers, 19,848, or 30 per cent., were females, 24,950,
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the lower extremities, as well as in other parts, continued to the
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demnation was the neglect of pathology. I personally
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medy chears and ftrengthens, and yet does not hurt,

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