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can be produced so long as the parts within the larynx remain \dsible. If the

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inversion, and rupture of the uterus. 4. Expulsion of the uterine contents

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The dangers of unrestricted and non-selective immigration are so obvious

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For the presence of facial erysipelas two things are necessary — the inflam-

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ferred. The web may be divided subsequently, and its edges trimmed and

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! saline purgatives. They combine with the acid of the stomach

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or hypodermically, should be used to give tone to the paretic vessels

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mory. Lord Liverpool said, * Every morning I receive many letters on

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Rock chickens. Following Coca's^ schedule three intraperitoneal doses of 0.5

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I ous mucous membranes. Acute urcemic attacks of the severest

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out waiting for exfoUation, and in any case a sharp lookout should be kept

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which the mechanism which ordinarily compensates for the tendency of

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of a leaf attached to a piece of stem upon the quantity of shoot forma-

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gious and other diseases were originated in a similar manner.

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effectively applied, and the healthy processes can not be at all

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Forced feeding, medicinal treatment, lavage, did little good. Weight

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is a little too large. The only deformity is that of Rose. There are no

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operation that is mentioned now only that it may be unequivocally

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fibers of fowls dead just after paralysis appeared dense, while

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from antipyretic treatment, and a not too rapid defervescence.

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half of the thirteenth, there was a Pope, John XXI,

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Brooklyn College, City University of New York; M.D.

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and acute phlegmonous tonsillitis. Widely different

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We might add to this remark of Dr. Combe, as our own sentiments,

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2. Hemophilia. — In hemophilia the blood platelets are in normal

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Paris Academy of Medicine eighty-four cases of tympanites, and

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patient were willing, a radical operation was probably

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' Archiv fur Anatomie, Physiologic and wissenschaftllche Medicin.

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Physical signs. — These vary infinitely, according to the physical

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festing itself without pain would correspond to cases where chlorosis exists

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