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insertion they must be bent to suit, and lie easy in their track; even
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Mercury is detected in organic substances and fluids by what is
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by a temperature of 104°F. I then removed the dressings and
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less degree, of the right leg. This he can cross over the lefl knee, but
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motives used to pull the train up the heavy grade, two baggage
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ment was not resorted to until too late to afford much
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fore, it has already undergone this transformation, and its place iu tb«
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a professorship of dental surgery, by which the students
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expiration of the fifth day he went to Dr. J. C. Hanson, complaining of
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34. On Tertiary Inguinal Adenopathy ; Gummatous Lymphangioma. M. Verneuil 49
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right. March 29th : died, temp. 106°. Auto'psy. — Subdural cavity over roof oi
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of the vitreous body when prepared in chromic acid, involves a fair notion of what I
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apparent effect. She was operated on later, recovered promptly, and has
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be studied at an early stage in a course of ophthalmology, otherwise the
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by the Rheims Academy, I learn that this liability to fatten was
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gers as he walks; he walks irregularly. When he stands, he
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not only given them an intellectual treat, but had lit a lamp
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of early oriental and European life, and added to them the chewing and
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every professional resource that can be turned to account for miti-
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do retrograde metamorphoses, caseation and calcification ; for
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standing was that the patient's Spanish physicians should treat him
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or gall-bladder. Perforation has occurred into the colon and gall-
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at ordinary hospital autopsies. In smallpox, the largest livers are found in
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mini^red in ooses graduated to the severity of the case ;
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tion caught up by the lymphatics of the prostatic and membranous
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taining the scalp and temporal muscle ; incise the pericranium, and apply
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all animals in a command lose flesh rapidly for the first ten days of a

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