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for a long time, but my opinion is that dilatation is of very

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the Conducting Apparatus," ''Surgical Treatment of Intra-

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opposite surfaces composing the articulation, or may pass between

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Historical} — The first observations on muscular atrophies are found

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were submitted, thinks it probable they are distinct species.

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storm, that the lightning of the clouds was identical

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not undergone shortening, such as the bones of the cranium, which

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gradually increased with the capacity of the patient, until the

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the evil eye infects the air with a malign influence and this pene-

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shows that cancer is most frequent in organs where caseous

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nished by Dr. Louis Starr. It allows five meals a day, and is as fol-

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TABLE II.— Showing the Forms of Disease, and the Results of Treatment

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the body Politic. Ladies and gentlemen, in honoring the few who

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As to the care of the pigs after being weaned, that will

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are well done but limited in number and detail. The

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its action." In regard to his theory of the nature of this disease, Dr. Taliaferro

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liberally. Fresh fish and some few vegetables and fhiits

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As a diet for working horses four or five pounds a day

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feet. It is quite clear that if the axis of the bones of one leg

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be aggravated by the use of steel. It becomes necessary, there-

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6. Harrower, H. R. : Practical Organotherapy, p. 29,

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assistant physician al the Bellevue Hospital, New York, there were

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