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It may be eftcted perfectly, bat it is done uBib diflir

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measures which are calculated to build up the system, and at the same

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a humorous speech because it is short. Doctors are no great

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Cerebral Localisation, 1890 ; " Cerebral Localisation and its practical Relations," Brain,

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The diet had been peptonized milk. There had been no vomiting.

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indicator immediately registers much higher and means that we must

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or r^on of the lakes, gives the highest ratio. The third, comprising

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immediately, and the vitreous was preserved showing the first

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of cases when subjected to the local treatment used in these

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is only one-half as high as that of Na albuminate as was to be ex-

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•34704 Kames, Hen. Home, Lord. Elucidations respecting

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Just below the angle of the scapula, (b) In the axilla between

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formed in two years; if they had been soft they might have been

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must be considered a theory, for as yet parasites have

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the fact that it has little or no food qualities. Now we come to

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slightest nausea. Mr. 0. A. Strecker, druggist of this city to

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As radioscopy was considered necessary, before going to hospital,

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tism is a form of septicaemia. Any infection, if sufficiently severe, will cause

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the vagina is inflamed and oedematous. (c) Perineal lacerations, if

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order any such justice is hereby empowered to make.

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but are continued into the cord in the anterior funiculus along

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persons suffer. Fopolarlj, at least, it is supposed io be a serious

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have presented the same rounded and level appearance, apparently so dear to

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formulation, and with entirely satisfactory results. With your per-

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decided to open the skull again and explore the brain without delay.

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after these have been reduced by adverse agencies of one kind and

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1905 1. — New helminths from West Africa. [Abstract of von Linstow, 1904 m]

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Sig : A tablespoouful every two houi's as long as fever lasted.

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dog from the United States. Why not quarantine from the

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Management of Fibromyomata Complicated by Pregnancy

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cases in horses and cattle, a scurvy accumulation comes on skin, hair

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in the operation of the Act that co-operation, co-ordination and

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malignant tumors which deform and disfigure various

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months at a time. Explorers, those confined for a winter

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