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cases it differs from the healthy state by containing no mucous

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organic change concealed by the hysterical symptoms.

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J. J. Mulheron, M.D. Detroit, Mich. : George S. Davis.

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They may be encountered in recent wounds, especially deep and

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face of the body is often bloodless and chilled, and the cavities

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enveloping cyst ; but on examining it more closely, by means of

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been followed by the characteristic eruption, to make a positive diagnosis

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child a fortnight after the onset of the disease. I have seen one case

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He concludes by remarking that, in his opinion, " (with certain exceptions) all

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Uterina in ventribus durities cum dolore, acute pemicio-

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taking her eyes out and of putting them in again,^^ thereby adding

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It has been shown that resins are difficult of absorption ; and

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humanity, as well as for a large proportion of more

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convention : Dr. Geo. L. Pownall, Hartford ; Dr. F.

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the skin, and the speedy disappearance of all these symptoms, without the

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tion occurring high up or low down, usually high, the

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light on the pathology of hyperpyrexia, seem worth recording

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directed to religious questions and the destinies of man.

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progressive and three are reviews. The chaiacter of

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ventricle showed that it was, for the most part, wonderfully

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the diseases likely to yield to this treatment may be enumer-

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troduction in this campaign, for it did seem before

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puscles 5,200; hemoglobin (Dare) 55 per cent; coagulation time four and a

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