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without increasing the local excitement. Astringents should be
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it an unsafe guide for the student or practitioner. It
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ulcerations of the cerebral substance, and in the fourth case, a woman
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( 1966) 1 and one in central California ( 1 979 ). 2 In both in-
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Temp. Capt. John Lewis Anderton Grout, Royal Army Medical Corps.
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^g, and was broken in several pieces during the extraction. The
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10, 1864. He was appointed acting assistant surgeon
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tlje child had kept her bed. When I saw her, she was pale, her entire body was
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length of the bone. It is necessary, then, to return to the theory of peripheral
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blood or chloroform, the sudden dilatation of the right ventricle produced
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tered to a gum which prevented filtration, but was collected and dis-
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This is no time for the epicure. Every person should be under rather
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relief, and that the managers of the Hospital Sunday Fund should give out
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and tender, but otherwise normal. The operation was made
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absence of Peyer's glands. I have never believed such a doctrine,
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and uttered his own hope that the memories which they
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tances under chloroform, in each case leaving in six weeks per-
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(estimated on the same basis of probability) of the 86G cases investi-
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the following changes : " Elastic tissue becomes violet red, connec-
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aggrarated by Uie preimnt fogs. On October 29 the tempe-
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abundant opportunity for observing the disease. The people
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Stephen Jennings, Martin I. Muggeridge. Roy Martin (Marty) John Staczek. Ph.D. Robert M. Wolcott,
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vidual, who, notwithstanding, remains in the undisturbed possession
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physician, calling himself scientific. All artificial supports of
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fi Laennec's tubercle, which will not soften or become caseous ; this form
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with which he is engaged. We will merely cite the two following
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their own food with sal i vial fluid. The best diet for such an ani-
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sympathetic. He is the author of the aphorism, "Take away

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